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From the early days at the Nutbush Rock Festival in Ypres up to the gigs at the Spirit of 66 in Verviers and the Sounds jazz club in Brussels, Globalys had a repertoire consisting of Rock Classics. Only after did they start working on their own songs. 


A demo CD was released in 2001, a showcase of the band’s writing skills. The first album is in preparation.



The band               Globalys is a rock band based in Brussels. Members are Domenico Renga (bass), Christophe Allard (drums), Philippe Ceresa (guitar), Olivier van den Borne (vocals and keyboard).

The various musical backgrounds of the band members converge at Globalys because of the common interest in their chosen style.



The style                  A kind of rock in which adventurous structures are composed of contrasting atmospheres. Melodic themes alternate with carefully constructed rhythms. Therefore a song will consist most of the time of a succession of various sung themes and instrumental parts which are either dreamy or energetic.



The influences       Many. The musical background of the various band members go from funk and easy-listening to rock and progressive, including jazz-Rock, space-Rock, bossa and reggae.



The purpose             Exploit the various influences and let them take their course by diverging from the traditional schemes of pop and rock music. In this way the band tries to develop its own musical timbre.



The gigs                    In the early days the gigs consisted of covers only, serving as the band’s apprenticeship and making it into a strong team. These days, own compositions make 75 pc of a concert and covers play the "encore".



The CD   “Demo 03.02.01”               A story with an unexpected turn. - See CD Demo -




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