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A story with an unexpected turn.

The original plan was to record a simple demo for a one off airing on the "Les classiques de Radio 21" (in English : "Belgian Radio 21's rock classics") programme that introduced the bands that had been invited for the convention-gig organised by the French discussion-site Pengla, the magazine Prog-résiste and the Spirit of 66 venue during the weekend of February 24 and 25, 2001.
The broadcasting of "This mind is mine" brought about a flurry of enthusiastic and encouraging reactions as well as inquiries into the availability of sound material ... The radio audience seemed to have another idea for the future of this recording !

The following two months events passed in quick succession :

the gig clearly was a success with the audience, a second airing on Radio 21 (this time with "Eagle & bacon") wich was also well received, and people started asking around for material in the record shops and in turn the record shops made contact with the band.
The unexpected enthusiasm for the four title demo made the band decide to release a CD. They preserved the 'live on tape'-sound as this seemed to be the attraction to the project in the first place.

1. Keep time 9.40 - - 2. Eagle & Bacon 9.50 - - 3. Meeting 7.22 - - 4. This mind is mine 13.00 - - Total timing : 39.55


« 03.02.01. DEMO » is now available in Belgium and Benelux (R.M. Records/Dureco n° 44023)

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